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Network Marketing Experience

After 20 years of working in Network Marketing, (between Caroline and myself), we have gained a wealth of knowledge. We have sat down  and learnt a lot with a number of leaders within the UK and the USA. These include people in Network Marketing like Richard Matharoo, Gavin Scott, Ray and Jessica Higdon, to name just a few of the top people in Network Marketing.

What Are Network Marketing Businesses

In our blog posts there are much more indepth explanations of network marketing , but here is a brief overview if you don’t already know. There are so many varieties of businesses within the heading Network Marketing, however they all have the same basics. It doesn’t matter of your with a makeup company, a fitness and diet company or even a travel company, or one of the 1000’s of other types of businesses. Within network marketing there are 2 sides to your business, the product or service you provide and the building of your team.

Your Products

These are what builds your business, and maybe what drew you to your network marketing business initially. Products and services are a starting point, and yes you need to sell them, and some companies focus mainly on that. However its your team that builds big businesses. That’s the difference between running a business and running a network marketing business. Network Marketing is all about building a network of people selling a product of service. This is your team.

Your Team – Why Network Marketing works

Lets say you sold a can of juice that helps you lose weight. It works, you know it does. It costs you half of what you sell it for, lets say you sell it for £20 or $20. You sell 10 a month. earning £59 / $50 a month. That’s the first way to build your business.

The alternative is you build a team.

Lets say you recruit 10 people. You teach them, with the help of others from your business, to each sell 10 a month.

Overall, as an average your team a selling 10 a month, and so are you. You have spent little bit of time training them and recruiting them. Instead of spending maybe 4 hrs a day to sell 10 a month, you’ve spend 5 hrs a day. Therefore instead of selling 10, your team has sold 100 plus your 10. You earn 10% from their sales, and your 50%. And your income has gone up by and extra 200% Now you earn £150 / $150 .

Your team continues to build

Now lets say those people teach 2 people each to do the same. they get 10% of those sale plus their own 50% but you get 5% of these new peoples sales (after all the company hasn’t had to pay out for training, marketing etc,, so they are paying you for doing it for them). Instead of 110 cans  being sold, your now selling, through your team, 310 can a month. and that’s without you recruiting anyone extra.

As a result, you get 5% for the new ones, plus 10% from your original recruits, plus your efforts. While they still get there 50% for individual work, and the same percentages for what their own teams do. Therefore you now have an income of £250 / $250. And all you did was tell 10 people about it

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